When you are making a decision as important as this one, who you choose to help your best friend cross the rainbow bridge could make all the difference. At Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care, we are so grateful for all of the clients that have entrusted us with this final act of love and kindness for their best friend. 

I absolutely love neighborhood vet mobile care! Dr. Nieman and Joan are amazing! I first contacted them when it was time for my senior dog, Brazy, to cross the rainbow bridge. They were professional, loving and caring! My other fur baby, Sophie, is now one of their patients. I love that they come to my home to care for Sophie. It's less stressful on the pets. Prices are very reasonable, in fact less than my previous vet. I wish I would have found them a long time ago!

- Nancy Nelson | Google 

Dr. Larry and Joan helped us when our cat was sick, and needed to pass. They were willing to squeeze us in the same day so that kitty wouldn’t have to suffer more or risk dying uncomfortably. Even though they were in a hurry since they got us in last minute, they were professional and respectful. It meant a lot to us for our cat to not suffer, and pass peacefully at home instead of at the vet. Would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you!

- Tony Moradi | Google

UPDATE: I wanted to provide an additional update to my review below. About 6 months after we originally met Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care, we had to make the tough decision to let our beloved elderly cat cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care was once again very responsive to our call when the time came. When it came time to discuss the decision, they were extremely empathetic and caring about the situation. They explained in detail what would happen and made sure our beloved Bella had only the best care. We got to be with her throughout the entire process and were able to say goodbye. They made us feel comforted in our decision and I could not have asked for a better experience. I could not recommend Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care enough. They are amazing and experienced and we cannot wait to see them again when another four-legged fur baby chooses our family.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I could not be happier with Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care!

I have a very anxious and temperamental pet so taking her to the vet has always been difficult to say the least. When I discovered Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care, I requested an appointment and was very pleased with how quickly they responded and could get me in. They listened to my concerns, were extremely understanding, and assured me they would get to the bottom of the my pet’s ailment. Within 30-45 minutes, they gave me my pet’s diagnosis and discussed a go-forward treatment plan.

Their 45 years of experience along with the convenience of them coming to my home is 100% worth every penny.

- Courtney Steeve | Google

We had to make the tough decision to put our sweet dogs to sleep. We couldn’t find a vet who would let both of us be there to see him off. I made a call to Dr. Larry and Joan setup an appointment for the next day. Dr. Larry and Joan showed up with an excess of compassion and professionalism and helped our buddy go out comfortably at home. We are very grateful.

- JTACula | Google

I had a dog that was very ill. I consulted with Joan on the phone about the situation. She assured me I would know when the time was right. When the time came I called Neighborhood Vets and they were able to schedule very quickly. They arrived promptly and were very caring and professional. It was not easy to have a pet put down, but having it done at home, in private, made the situation a little easier. Dr. Nieman assured me that the time was right and I was making the correct decision. If I ever have to go through that again, I will call Neighborhood Vets.

- Barbara Siegfried | Google

I could not be more grateful for Dr. Nieman and Joan, who helped our baby cross the rainbow bridge so peacefully. They were so compassionate and sympathetic during our greatest time of need. They were able to accommodate our request that day, and time was of importance to her (she might have suffered had we waited longer). I wish I had a recording of the things Dr. Nieman told us after she had passed, because they were exactly what we needed to hear. He's very experienced and it's comforting. Joan, as well, was so understanding and helpful in facilitating the appointment. Thank you both for making Tulip's last moments so peaceful and loving. For coming into our home as we suffered. We are forever grateful for the hard work that you do.

- Lacey Ellington | Google

Dr. Nieman and Joan were fantastic with the care they showed for my Bruno and helping me begin to navigate his end of life process.

- Roveta White | Google