How soon can you come to my home?

To the best of our abilities, we do try to accommodate a same-day appointment*, but at the very least, it would always be a next-day appointment.

*Please note that same-day appointments after 12pm, weekends and holidays have additional fees that apply.

How do I schedule my euthanasia appointment?

After we have confirmed that you are within our service area, we will talk with you about the reason you might be considering euthanasia for your dog or cat. Our team may ask a few questions about your pet’s information. We will guide you through the options of cremation and home burials before working with you to confirm a date and time.

How does a euthanasia appointment work?

When we arrive at your home at the scheduled appointment time we will park in your driveway or near your home before approaching your front door. Prior to our arrival, one of our team will have coached you through having your pet in a location within your home that is both comfortable for them and accessible for Dr. Larry. Once we arrive within your home, we will assist you in walking through any last minute paperwork and payments on an iPad that we provide. Dr. Larry will then verbally walk through explaining the procedure and each step. First, we will give your pet a small injection into their hind leg, letting you know that it begins to show effect around three minutes, with the full effects by 10 minutes, with the patient fully sedated. Once your pet is fully comfortable in their sedation, Dr. Larry will prepare an IV in their front leg which he will use for an injection that takes around 1-2 minutes to complete to begin the process of allowing your pet to pass. Dr. Larry will monitor your pet and once your pet has peacefully passed, will confirm this with you and allow you time to process. Once you are ready, we will carry your pet on a stretcher to our mobile van*. If your pet is being individually cremated, we will text you when when the Cremains are available to be picked up (or delivered), which is typically within 7-10 business days.

*Depending on the weight of your pet, we will utilize a stretcher to bring your pet from your home to our mobile van and will ask for your assistance.

How will I know when it is time?

Sometimes knowing when the right time for your dog or cat isn’t a simple answer. As a veterinarian, Dr. Larry will be looking for signs such as:

  • your pet hasn’t eaten in over 2 days
  • your pet cannot rise or go outside for 2 days or more
  • your pet is showing signs of obvious pain (vocalizing pain)

If you are looking for guidance on knowing if it is the right time for your pet, please feel free to contact our team

Are you the doctor that will come to my home?

Yes, Dr. Larry is the doctor that performs all of our in-home euthanasia services, guiding you through each step of the process.

How is Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care different from other home- euthanasia providers?

These days there are many more in-home euthanasia providers in the veterinary space. We simply offer you a glimpse at how Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care provides a different experience. Dr. Larry Nieman holds vast experience in private veterinary practice, corporate veterinary practice and shelter medicine. He has helped pet owners navigate the passing of their pets with euthanasia since 1975. He is incredibly passionate about ensuring that each pet owner feels confident and at peace with their decision to choose compassionate euthanasia for their dog or cat. He is a doctor truly dedicated to the Veterinarian’s oath.

In an already difficult time, we know that compassion, expertise and transparency are what pet parents are looking for. It is our promise to always be transparent with any costs related to our euthanasia services. We offer you the opportunity to understand the Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care difference through the trusted words of other pet parents

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Euthanasia Hours: 7:00am - 7:00pm, 7 days a week

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