Our History

Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care opened for business in Leawood, Kansas in 2017. Dr. Larry Nieman came to Overland Park, Kansas to be closer to his two grandchildren and he wanted to have a business that cared for pets without the usual stress of transport in a car to a veterinarian’s office and sitting in the reception area with strange people, cats, and dogs until they can be seen. Stress can adversely affect a pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing. In order to provide the ultimate in stress-free care, Dr. Nieman became Elite Fear Free Certified. He additionally purchased a fully equipped Sprinter van to provide full veterinary services right in the pet owner’s driveway. The van was custom built to Dr. Nieman’s exact specifications to ensure it could function as a full service clinic. The van provides full service with less stress and is very convenient for the pet owner. The last piece of the puzzle was to choose a name - Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care was born.

Our Mission & Values 

Dr. Nieman wanted to ensure that Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care provided the experience that our clients really value. The mission statement was created based on Google reviews from client feedback and exemplary Google reviews. These reviews were analyzed to determine what our clients felt was important to them in a great veterinary experience, from both the pet’s and the pet’s owner’s point of view. The number of stars were taken into consideration, but more importantly, what was said - even the small number of poor reviews received were taken into consideration. Based on this analysis, Dr. Nieman developed a mission that would become our promise to our clients and their pets.

Our mission statement is Only the Best and the best means:

  • Convenient
  • Responsive
  • Professional
  • Compassionate
  • Stress-Free

Convenient: Bringing a full-service veterinary clinic right to a pet owner’s driveway is the ultimate in convenience. Our team works with pet owners to schedule them with their convenience in mind. For our clients, we also offer a telemedicine service for those cases that do not require our veterinarian to perform a physical examination.

Responsive: We respond to calls or requests for appointments from 7 AM to 7 PM, 7 days a week by the next morning; latest. If the pet is injured or ill, we make every effort to schedule that pet for that same day or early the next.

Professional: Our veterinarian, Dr. Larry Nieman, has been practicing as a veterinarian since 1975. For the last 48 years, Dr. Nieman continues to receive over 30 hours of Continuing Education to stay abreast of the latest and best veterinary practices. He has extensive clinical experience and has done considerable work in both veterinary medicine and surgery. This degree of expertise and experience, allows Dr. Nieman to effectively examine, diagnose, and provide the best possible care for your dog or cat. We always offer all available alternatives. This professionalism is not limited for the pet but for the pet owner as well. Dr. Nieman uses a collaborative approach with the pet’s owner. He takes the time to ensure the pet owner fully understands his diagnosis of their pet, helping to answer any and all questions, and offer alternative treatment plans as appropriate.

Compassionate and Stress-Free: From a medical point of view, it is best if pets are as relaxed as possible before, during and after examination and treatment. That means the doctor needs to use a stress-free approach and maintain the ultimate in compassion before, during, and after treatment. Our veterinarian, Dr. Nieman, is Elite Fear-Free Certified. His reviews on Google testify to his compassionate demeanor with the pets that he has treated. During wellness examinations, he also offers free coaching on fear-free techniques that pet owners can use at home with their pets.

Who Are We

Our culture is built around our focus of providing the Only the Best – Convenient, Responsive, Professional, Compassionate, and Stress-Free care. Short of Only the Best, we focus on transparency. We perform all exams directly in front of the client (no back rooms or tech teams in the back). And you can always count on Dr. Nieman to be honest and straightforward with his approach to what is best for the patient and the client. Dr. Nieman is a general, small animal clinician. He is quite an expert in the “The Human Animal Bond”.

Along with his Fear Free training, he is able to provide practical advice for behavioral issues with your pet. Nieman was an AAHA Certified Hospital Director from 1976-2000 as well as the Chief of Staff of New Haven Central Hospital from 2000-2002. He’s a graduate of Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine and was an adjunct professor there from 1975-1980 after graduation. Dr. Nieman’s assistant is his wife, Joan, who has been in the pet care business since 1983. She has run the largest chain of pet hotels in America and our client calls are primarily answered by Freyma, a registered medical technologist with many years of experience in human health care working in hospitals.

Our Difference

From veterinarians practicing in an office, Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care offers the super convenience of having a veterinarian arriving in your driveway with a fully equipped clinic. This convenience is augmented by tele-medicine appointments for clients over Zoom. Dr. Larry brings his clients a personal and transparent relationship as a veterinarian with just under 50 years of experience and Fear Free Elite certification.

As for caring about your pet, Dr. Nieman will not rest until his patients are fully cared for. Corporations tend to set standards on their veterinarians. How much time they can spend with you. How long services should take, such as examinations. Standards on the type of treatment programs to use. As their motivation is tied to profit, they can hinder the personalized attention their veterinarians spend with you and your pet. They can limit the collaboration the veterinarian can afford you in determining an affordable treatment plan. Dr. Nieman does not go through the steps required by corporations to get to him or how he examines, diagnoses, or treats your pet. He has one standard for dealing with you and your pet: Only the Best.

We provide a unique experience: An unmatched combination of convenience, professionalism, responsiveness, compassion, and stress-free experience. We answer calls from our clients every day. If you don’t reach us during normal business hours, we welcome you to leave us a voicemail!

Our Community

Dr. Nieman is on the Board of Directors of the Kansas City Veterinary Medical Association and sits on different committees as well as on the Kansas State Veterinary Medical Association Board of Directors representing Kansas City veterinarians. Joan, his wife, is a PEO and has been a state chairman along with Dr. Nieman’s mother, grandmother, aunts, and cousins. Dr. Nieman also plays a role in fundraising and the organizations within his local church.

Our Associations