Neighborhood Vets are a great convenience service. They are extremely knowledgeable, caring, and helped Ohana with her first vet visit. Will definitely use again.

- Matt D.

Dr Larry cared for our pups for 4 years and we could not shout his praise loud enough. We recently moved out of state and wish that we could’ve moved him with us! Larry always went out of his way to provide the best care, whether it was answering our phone calls on the holidays or while we were traveling with concerns, or giving the extra treat to make the experience more enjoyable for the dogs, and not to mention the sheer convenience of the mobile service. HIGHLY recommend Larry & his team!

- Amy C.

Highly recommend Dr Neiman! He is caring and wonderful, he helped us when no one else could with my dog’s chronic ear infections- the other vet wanted me to drive hours to go to a specialist, but the convenience of them coming to my house is wonderful, plus my dogs have less anxiety.

- Christina R.

Hands down most convenient way to take care of your pets. We have used them for routine care and an emergency wound. They are thorough, kind, and explain the reasons why behind everything they do. Their prices are very reasonable as well. My dogs love them too!!! We highly recommend them to anyone with one or especially those with multiple pets. It’s just so much easier than dragging them into the vet’s office!!!! Give them a chance. They will impress you.

- Margaret

Great service!! Very knowledgeable and helpful! I would recommend neighbourhood vet to anyone looking for a vet.

Ben K.

Since it’s been almost a year since my last review of Neighborhood Vets, and after a recent treatment of our outdoor cat, Blackcat, I thought it timely to add a new review. Once again Dr. Larry and Joan made a successful visit/treatment for a pretty routine issue. That being said, Dr. Larry’s depth of knowledge about that issue-fleas—was quite remarkable. I learned a lot. And Blackcat is very happy as we head into winter. It is SO nice to have a wonderful vet team that makes house calls!

- Jim C.

It's almost too good to be true, but Dr. Nieman and assistant came to the house in their nice mobile office -- even arriving early -- and they were terrific with my old, arthritic dog and rambunctious cat. Very professional, very kind. Just an incredible service.

Colleen T.

I am so thankful I reached out to Dr. Nieman for a second opinion. He has given us answers and has shown his compassion towards my sweet baby. Joan and Larry are very professional and are always there to answer any questions or concerns. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

- Alyssa P.

Neighborhood Vets Mobile is a Godsend. Our dog went from fine to suffering within 24 hours. We do not know what happened. He moaned and cried out in pain for 12 hours. We knew in the middle of the night we had to put him down. Of course our vet would never be so kind as to help us which forced us to find other solutions. I thank God we found Neighborhood Vets. It was incredible we were able to do this in our home. It was so peaceful for him. Dr. Birman and Joan were so patient with us, allowing us time to grieve before that final shot. It was SO the right thing to do, but so difficult. We will be forever grateful.

Dottie B.

They were great! Took all of the anxiety out of going to the vet. They were very calm and made my dog feel comfortable. It was nice not needing to wait in a waiting room.

- Tim F.

When we started seeing Dr Nieman, our dog Lily had several health issues. The doctor did thorough blood work and determined she had a thyroid condition and colitis; conditions our previous vet had missed. With his diet recommendations and medication guidance, Lily once again loves to visit new places and play ball in the backyard. Dr Nieman has given us more years to enjoy having her around! He also helped one of our cats with her periodontal disease by removing the affected teeth so she could eat pain-free again. We appreciate the mobile visits since they are less stress for us and our pets. We recommend Dr Nieman and Joan to anyone wanting quality pet care.

Patty H.

This service is wonderful. They came to our apartment and gently took care of our elderly dog. I am very grateful.

Nancy W.

You guys are the BEST! I just can't thank you enough for the ease and quality of care for our pets. Thank you!

Christina S.

It does not get any better than these two! It doesn't get easier. Van arrives and it's pure love. NO NEED TO READ ON.. AN EASY CHOICE They will: - tend to your pet - Give honest advice and suggestions - follow up Especially when you want someone who is 100 trustworthy.


I am so grateful for the Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care and Dr. Larry Nieman! My cat Crystal would not eat or drink and would barely move. The team was very kind over the phone when I called, and they made a quick appointment to come to my home. When Dr. Nieman examined Crystal, he quickly identified what the issue was and was able to provide treatment on the spot. He also took the time to answer all my questions. Crystal was back to her old playful self in a few days. Dr. Niemen has even followed up with me on additional recommendations based on her condition. This is one of the best places I have found to take care of your pet's health needs.

- Sam M.

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Larry and the quality of personal service he provides. He's been excellent for the care and treatment of our three Springer Spaniels and cat. As a business owner with a unpredictable schedule, it's incredibly convenient to have him come to our home and more comfortable for the dogs as well. I highly recommend him!

- Eva R.

I absolutely love neighborhood vet mobile care! Dr. Nieman and Joan are amazing! I first contacted them when it was time for my senior dog, Brazy, to cross the rainbow bridge. They were professional, loving and caring! My other fur baby, Sophie, is now one of their patients. I love that they come to my home to care for Sophie. It's less stressful on the pets. Prices are very reasonable, in fact less than my previous vet. I wish I would have found them a long time ago!


Great veterinarian! Neighborhood Vet and Dr. Larry is fantastic. I have two Springer Spaniels who were overweight and he set them on a journey to better health. Dr. Larry is very friendly and caring, and I can't say enough good things - outstanding customer service, convenience, and professional, state-of-the-art equipment. I highly recommend Neighborhood Vet to every pet owner. Thanks, Dr. Larry!


My very special animals, all animals, LOVE Dr. Larry. He shares a wonderful comfort level with both my Westie and my kitties. It is such a convenience to have the Vet come to your home! No fuss, no coaxing, no kennels, no makes life soooooooo much easier.

- Bev E.