What is cat dermatology?

Cat dermatology is the study of skin disease in cats. There are actually volumes of books on skin diseases in cats, and that's what veterinarians do.

Dr. Larry Nieman
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How do skin conditions impact the health and wellbeing of my cat?

As you well know, your cat really takes meticulous care of their skin and fur, so if your cat is itchy or scratching or chewing at his skin or you see lesions on the skin, then you know you have a skin problem in your cat, and it's usually caused because it's itchy.

What are some signs and symptoms of skin issues in your cat?

The signs in your cat are that he scratches or bites at his skin or licks excessively. We call it barbering when they chew on their hair, but symptoms are something that just occurs in people, not in cats. They won't talk to us.

Why is it important to avoid self-diagnosing feline skin conditions?

You might think you know what's wrong with your cat's skin, but it's really easy to get it wrong. We really encourage our feline clients to give us a call and set up minimally a telemedicine visit, but get their cat looked at by me.

How soon should you bring your cat to see a veterinarian for issues with their skin?

As soon as you notice it. Minor problems usually go away within a week, so if your cat's still bothering his skin after a week, you should call us.

How will a veterinarian diagnose skin diseases in your cat?

He's going to look, but he's been trained to look proficiently, so he's going to look all throughout your cat's skin between their toes, down in their ears, and on their belly. You just need to get a veterinarian to take a look.

What treatment options are typically recommended for cat dermatology issues?

Sometimes antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, and sometimes other kinds of medications. Topicals and mooses, in particular, are pretty commonly used in cats. Your veterinarian will make it easy for you, so you just need to see the veterinarian.

Are feline dermatology problems curable?

Usually, they are. Cats have an unusual blood cell you might have heard about in advertisements on television called the eosinophil, and because of that, some of their problems are chronic. However, they can usually be handled by using supplements, diets, and topical medications.

What are some common skin conditions in cats?

The most common skin condition is flea bite dermatitis, but eosinophilic granuloma complex is also very common. There are a number of skin diseases that we see in practice on a regular basis, and we definitely have the tools to take care of those.

What causes skin conditions in cats?

The cause is usually diet, environment, or an inborn problem with their eosinophils.

Why is my cat so itchy?

That's a good question. You just need to get a veterinarian to take a look because it could be a number of different things, as I've already talked about.

Can allergies cause itchy skin in my cat?

Absolutely. Allergies can cause skin problems in your cat, both food allergies and allergies to environmental allergens, but your veterinarian is the one who's set up to help you solve that.

Can anxiety or stress cause skin conditions in my cat?

I'm glad you asked me that one because that's one I forgot to address. Cats are really sensitive to their environment, and because of that anxiety, they may engage in barbering and chewing the hair off their skin when they get upset about things. It could be such a small like you're having the bathroom remodeled to the problem that you just got a new puppy. That can make them have skin problems.

Could a grooming product be causing skin conditions in my cat?

If you're putting some kind of product on your cat's skin, and your cat gets itchy after you use it, you need to discontinue that and probably give your cat a bath, but that's a whole other subject.

How can I care for my cat's skin at home?

The best thing is to brush your cat on a regular basis, as that helps you look at the skin. Most cats, if you do it on a regular basis, love to be brushed.

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