When You Need to Call Your Vet

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As opposed to humans, our pets cannot talk and tell us if they are not feeling well and what symptoms they are experiencing.

Only a licensed veterinarian, using the appropriate lab equipment, can truly understand if your pet is well or, if not, what is going on with them.

Here are the eight circumstances when you need to contact your vet or if you are just not sure.

  1. Eating/Drinking: 2 days without eating, unusually hungry or excessively thirsty, vomiting or vomits blood more than twice a day.
  2. Eyes: swollen, squinting, pawing at eyes, yellow or green discharge discharge.
  3. Ears: regular shaking of head, scratching ears, unpleasant odor, unusual discharge.
  4. Bowel Movement: dark tarry stools; difficulty defecating; worms, blood or mucus in the stools; diarrhea for more than 24 hours; rear-end scooting.
  5. Activity/Motion: sleeping more, tired and sluggish, limping, avoiding stairs, not jumping, moving painfully.
  6. Weight: sudden weight loss or weight gain.
  7. Breathing: labored breathing or any persistent trouble breathing.
  8. Hair Coat/Skin: unusual lump or swelling, scratching a lot, licking feet, redness on skin; hair loss or bald patches.

If you find your pet in any of these circumstances or you feel your pet isn’t well, contact us. After all, you know your pet best. If you are just not sure, contact us at (913) 912-2319.